WS Venice Session

Thursday 13th September
h 14:30
Giardini della Biennale
Padiglione Centrale

Room F




On Thursday the 13th, the participants to the REcall – Venice WWII ‘Sories & Places’ workshop (9-13 September – IUAV Santa Marta – aula O2) will present their outcomes on the four days intensive work on Venice WWII forgotten memories. The six interdisciplinary teams, gathering together artists, archaeologists and architects, have been working respectively on six specific forgotten stories/places related to the world war II in Venice.

The goal set for all teams was to elaborate and realize a work (performance, installation, etc.) able to ‘recall’ the forgotten story they had been assigned, avoiding any ‘simplicistic’ commemorialization. Teams all shared the idea and convincement that none memories can be really ‘recalled’ – avoiding to slip into the oblivion – without people participatory acts of involvement: memory is an ever alive object always involving the subject in a continue action of negotiation. A dance that continually reconfigures both the object and the subject.

With the help of tutors affiliated to the four institutions involved (AAU, POLIMI, NTUN, UNEW) in the workshop, participants walked on the fragile and difficult path of ‘painful memories’ developing their proposal and realizing their contribution to a possible ‘recall’.

Group 01
Story: ‘Marinaretti’ story‘
Participants: Esben, Francisco, Sara, Birgitte
Report: ‘Marinaretti’ story’


Group 02
Story: ‘Nazi calle arrow’
Participants: Hans, Martina, Silje
Report: ‘Nazi calle arrow’
Presentation: visit the presentation site here


Group 03
Story: ‘Harry’s bar’
Participants: Mads, Claudia, Toby
Report: ‘Harry’s bar’


Group 04
Story: ‘Anti-raid shelter’
Participants: Elias, Gaia, Arve
Report: ‘Anti-raid shelter’


Group 05
Story: ‘Operation Bowler’
Participants: Patrik, Enrico, Julia
Report: ‘Operation Bowler’


Group 06
Story: ‘a Jewish story’
Participants: Martin, Rune, Isabel
Report: ‘a Jewish story’


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