WS Venice Sep 2012

9-13 September 2012

The Venice workshop has for REcall a double challenge: is the occasion for launching officially (and in public) the project and also to test the quality and the quantity of its research queries. But the choice of Venice is not by chance, but a carefully elaborated decision connected to the specific concept behind the fore coming 13th Architecture Biennale titled ‘Common Ground’.In the words of the curator, the international known architect David Cipperfiled:Within the context of the Architecture Biennale, ‘Common Ground’ evokes the image not only of shared space and shared ideas but of a rich ground of history, experience, image and language. Layers of explicit and subliminal material form our memories and shape our judgements. While we struggle to orient ourselves in a continuously changing world, what we are familiar with is an inevitable part of our ability to understand our place. It is critical that our expectations and our history don’t become a justification for sentimentality or resistance to progress. We must therefore articulate better our evaluations and prejudices if we are not to regard what has come before as something to escape and if we are to give value to a cumulative and evolving architectural culture rather than a random flow of meaningless images and forms.


Group 01
Story: ‘Marinaretti’ story‘

Group 02
Story: ‘Nazi calle arrow’

Group 03
Story: ‘Harry’s bar’

Group 04
Story: ‘Anti-raid shelter’

Group 05
Story: ‘Operation Bowler’

Group 06
Story: ‘a Jewish story’


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