WS Norway Jun 2013

24th-30th June 2013
Research by design activity aimed at envisioning projects in consistency with -the issues pointed out in the Call. Two-days visits to the case-study sites will provide direct knowledge of the project areas and identification of specific requirements suggested by the hosting institutions. The workshop activities will comprise teamwork, conferences, seminars, lectures and communications from local administration.

Specific objectives: 

  •  Expose the participants to the multidisciplinary and multicultural know-how of the involved partners.
  •  Promote the transnational mobility of participants.
  •  Promote intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue

Specific output:

  • Update on the workshops’ progresses and results on the dedicated blog of the project.

Other info:

Read about the sites and program of the event here.

See the competition winning proposals whose participants will participate in the workshops in Norway and Rome