West Wednesday

POLIMI has been invited to participate at the one-day seminar “Shifting AiR strategies” arranged by id11 in collaboration with Tetterode Collective on the 14th DEC at Lijm & Cultuur space. POLIMI will present the on-going research-by-design focused on “The Next Monument” on new forms of Memorialisation of conflict memories. The work is part of the REcall-project, a research by-design funded by EU Culture Programme 2012.

As part of the same initiative, on the 11th DEC, within the Amsterdam West Wednesday programme, POLIMI will present “The Next Monument” also in the premises of Tetterode Marble Hall and M4gastatelier (where actually POLIMI is developing a residency connected with REcall project) by means of an “Instant Exhibition”.

Download the Tetterode Collective program or go to the id11 homepage.