from other initiatives #002 The Vienna Project

The Vienna Project is a new social action Holocaust memorial project. Slated to begin in 2013 and conclude in 2014, the Project is to be situated on the streets of Vienna and along the Danube Canal. The Vienna Project will be the first public memorial in Europe to symbolically represent multiple groups of persecuted victims of National Socialism, while also naming individual victims and dissidents on record within a given country, murdered between 1938-1945. Forging a dynamic relationship between different disciplines: art, video, typography, web design, street theater, sound art, history, archival research, and Holocaust education, The Vienna Project is envisioned as a “living” memorial based on a participatory model of engagement.


Developed through dialogue as a citizen-led initiative, The Vienna Project is a “process-based” expression of remembrance. The Memorial Project will open on the night of October 24th, 2013, preceding Austrian National Day, the commemoration of  the beginnings of the Second Republic of Austria. The Vienna Project marks the 75th anniversary year of the Anschluss in 1938, when racial persecution began in Austria; it will conclude on V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day).  The memorial project unfolds over the course of six months as a dynamic series of performative events, dedicated to stimulating fresh conversations in novel formats regarding the Holocaust and National Socialism.

Fusing public memory with participatory methodologies, the memorial project will engage the Austrian public in a communal experience of remembrance. Developed as a hyper-techno production occurring at different sites around the city, the Project will feature video projections, performance art, installation art, photography and videography, plus the introduction of a digitized memorial, prepared as a dynamic, interactive web site.

Bridging three disciplines: history (archival research), art (digital technology and street art), and Holocaust education, the memorial project is dedicated to mixing invention with accuracy, the historic record with contemporary filters, and individual engagement with social consciousness.  Each discipline makes a critical contribution to the design of the project and none of the disciplines are subservient to the others.

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