a new paper edited [POLIMI]

Re-appropriation: Museography for Traumatic Memories

by Michela Bassanelli, Gennaro Postiglione
in: Int AR – Difficult Memories: Reconciling Meaning, Vol. 4/2013



In the debate on Contemporary Memory, two are the terms included constantly in the incipit of the major works of the literature on this topic: obsession and hypertrophy (Huyssen 2003, Agazzi and Fortunati 2007, Macdonald 2009). The theme of Memory has become a subject of discussion in different fields of knowledge: from social to biomedical sciences, from visual culture to media. In the last ten years the critics (Caruth 1995, Antze and Lambekm 1996, Edkins 2003) have focused on a particular aspect of Memory of traumatic and painful events: “If the 1980s were the decade of a happy postmodern pluralism, the 1990s seemed to be haunted by trauma as the dark underside of neoliberal triumphalism” (Huyssen 2003, 8).

Key Words: conflict archaeology, museography, architecture, difficult heritage, collective memory, exhibition design

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