The Book of Fragments

The installation and the performance The Jewish Resistance Monument revisited have been developed by the art collective Mikel van Gelderen, Marianne Theunissen, Gennaro Postiglione, Jeroen Werner and Jurjen Zeinstra in collaboration with the historian Loes Gompes, during a four months collaboration.

The work was presented at Amstel 41 gallery the 22nd, 23rd and the 25th of February 2014, in occasion of the yearly celebrations of the Jewish Resistance and of the February strike.

The installation takes off by a reflection on a possible new vision for monuments, memorials and other commemorative forms exploited by the research project Recall. REcall is a research project funded by EU-Culture programme that challenges the investigation of new forms of interventions on Conflict Heritage and Landscape with the aim to overcome the trauma connected and with the precise goal to avoid the reduction and limitation of action around commemorative spaces.

The installation concept

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The Book is part of the project The Next Monument

The Jewish Resistance Monument revisited

The Jewish Resistance Monument revisited
22-23FEB2014 12:00-17:00
25FEB2014 11:00-15:00 / 18:00-21:00
@ Amstel 41 gallery

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The Performance is part of the project
The Next Monument Amsterdam

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2014

Mirjam Ohringer – Widerstand gegen die Nationalsozialisten in NL

For The Holocaust Memorial Day 2014, REcall visited Mirjam Ohringer, one of the Jewish Resistance fighter in Amsterdam during the nazi occupation.

She told many stories of those days and in a very gentle way remembered friends and relatives who were deported and who never came back from the concentration camps. She also recalled the decision taken not to use the possibility she had to emigrate in Switzerland: “she felt impossible to betray the trust all the Jewish community had in her” as in all the other Jewish Resistance fighters.

Here, it is possible to download an interview to Mirjam Ohringer published in English last December (2013) where she takes on some of the arguments of our talk and of the interview presented above (from 2012).

M4gastatelier Amsterdam

In the framework of REcall project, POLMI team has started an Artists Residences in Amsterdam, c/o the Artists’ Collective Tetterode which three/four times per year set out a Call for Artist Residence project. POLIMI got the term 01NOV2013-28FEB2014.

The programme is to develop other design experiments and researches within REcall ideas & goals, working on Amsterdam “WWII Places&Memories” involving artists from the Tetterode Collective to challenge the difficult heritage of the city.

Here is the general programme for the Residency:

WWII Resistance had different variations that were less evident, less striking, than those that marked the great and truly fundamental actions of war and guerrilla of the armed formations. These variations were “Minor” Resistances that acted through single sabotage events, actions of disturbance or simply of rejection of the oppression, led out by a single individual or by unexpected and unorganized groups, but that did in fact contribute to Italy’s liberation and to the diffusion of the idea of opposition as a possibility. Almost always, these actions are remembered as a localized trauma, known to few, neglected or even erased by the official celebrations and hence hidden from common knowledge. In the places where these actions took place, there is no trace of past events and if there is some mention of it, it is mostly a manifestation of a mute (and in no way shared) rhetoric.

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