Sara Borges

I am a Portuguese artist, graduated in Painting – Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon, and currently concluding the MFA – Master of Fine Art at Newcastle University. My practice has a strong pictorial component that I have been exploring in the expansion to other practices beyond Painting, with special focus on Installation. By this I mean the application and exhibition of Painting in surfaces other than the traditional, and in correlation with the whole surrounding environment, so that the intervention space itself constitutes a whole piece of work. I am interested in the creation of immersive and navigable environments that allow, or demand, the spectators to constantly re-experience and re-think their surroundings. I am curious about the potential of recent technologies and their possibilities in collaboration with the traditional practices, along with the collaboration between Fine Arts and other sciences. Recently, I have been exploring the combination of a pictorial large-scale structure with sound, as to create a multisensory work with multiple levels of both audition and vision.