Rune Normann

I’m a relatively calm and social person, yet enthustiastic and energetic. I grew up in the Northernmost part of Norway and started studying Archaeology in Trondheim at NTNU in 2006. Currently I’m writing my masters thesis on rock art and religion. I want to examine old theories that state that rock art has to be an expression of magic and/or religion, and possibly see if other, newer theories of religion are applicable to rock art material. Religion has always been a part of my life in the sense that my father always encouraged me to ask questions. As a result I’m fascinated of what we as a species believe today and has believed in the past. Hence the subject of my thesis.

I’m a relatively active person. I’ve always been into sports as a whole, but my main interest is Martial Arts. I’ve studied Taekwon-Do for 8 years and am currently training Capoeira, a Brazilian “Martial arts”. This training has given me valuable experiences in discipline and pushing myself to limits physically as well as mentally. Not being in ones own comfort zone is, I believe a place that naturally is scary, but at the same time is a place where one can grow as a person.

Camping has always been a passion of mine, especially fishing and lately also hunting. In a weird way I feel camping brings me closer to people I’m studying in my thesis. I guess my goal in life is to be able to fuse my hobbies into my academic career. By spending time outdoors trying to grow a modest amount of vegetables, fishing and hunting as well as having an idea about life and death I hope to more fully understand past cultures.