Patrick Ronge Vinther

Title: BSc. in Ing. with specialization in architecture

I am 25 years old, and I am studying at Aalborg University in Denmark at the department of Architecture & Design, and for the last year with specialty in architecture. This year I’m also starting an internship in a Danish architectural office situated in Aarhus, both to challenge myself and to gain experience in the real world of architecture. The approach to architecture in Aalborg University differs from the profiles seen in other schools in Denmark, where we in Aalborg are highly fascinated by integrated design, and the coherence between aesthetics and structural finesse. This tectonic way of shaping and creating architecture has therefore become my way of seeing architectural quality, where this clutch between engineering and creating spatial experiences of high quality fascinates me. When talking about high quality in architecture I believe that good architecture should be designed with parameters drawn from the context in which it is placed, both geographically and historically. Further, it should be highly aware of its use – to accommodate the human beings and create a spatial experience for the user, where classic architectural means, such as proportions, light and materiality, are crucial. By designing in this way I believe that we can create timeless architecture that will be loved both in present time and for many years to come.

I am looking very much forward to join the project in Venice this summer, and hope to both contribute in the research, while at the same time use it as a unique opportunity to widen my own knowledge and understanding of architecture.