Nazi calle arrow / Venice WS report

Only one sign of Nazi orientation system still remains in Venice, in a narrow calle near one of the most popular place of the city: Campo Santa Margherita. The arrow showed the way to the “Platzkommandantur”, that is the Nazi command located in Piazza San Marco, where a Nazi flag flew constantly, while Venice was occupied from 1943 to 45.Many prisoners had to pass here to reach the Nazi main head quarter since the little calle is also on the way from the railway station to the central square of Venice.Just a step from Campo Santa Margherita, now new yellow signs suggest other paths to reach the station or Piazza San Marco and the Nazi arrow remains, almost illegible, on the crumbled plaster of an old house, as a melting memory.The sign was apparently painted on the wall in September of 1943.

Provided material: Nazi calle arrow

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