Museo diffuso

Museo Diffuso di Torino
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Museo Diffuso della Resistenza, della Deportazione, della Guerra, dei Diritti e della Libertà

The Museo Diffuso della Resistenza, della Deportazione, della Guerra, dei Diritti e della Libertà of Turin (“Widespread” Museum of Resistance, Deportation, the War, Rights and Freedom) was conceived as a project of activities, a museum of ideas rather than of objects, a space in which research and communication might come together, establishing an active dialogue with present-day society.

Starting from the events in and around Turin between 1938 and 1948, and concluding its permanent display with the promulgation of the Republican Constitution, the Museum extends its field of interest to Europe and the whole of the 20th century, giving particular attention to the theme of asserting rights and freedom.

Two strong points were identified: territory – deposit of traces from the past to investigate – and memory – the instrument for rereading the historic events of the community to which we belong, without losing sight of the broader scenarios of History within which these individual experiences took place.

The permanent display – “Torino 1938-1948. From racial laws to the Constitution” – : is an interactive multimedia route which takes the visitor on a virtual tour of Turin, through eye-witness accounts, pictures, film clips and sound-recordings, in the decade from the passing of the racial laws in 1938 to the regaining of rights ratified by the Constitution of the Republic in 1948.

The Museum hosts and organises also temporary exhibitions, to give further and more detailed exposure to the issues it is concerned with: the historical, social and cultural events which have marked the history of the twentieth century. The Museum tries to deal with the important issues of the present age with the same attention to territory and modern ways of communicating “abstract” phenomena by means of an exhibition.

Educational activities are provided for school groups, involving the permanent display, the temporary exhibitions and the memorial places. At the time of the Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January) and the Italian Liberation Day (25 April), events and special initiatives are organized.

The Museum is located in a building which is part of the “Quartieri Militari di San Celso e San Daniele” complex, built to the design of Filippo Juvarra in the first half of the 18thC, and was opened on 30th May 2003.

For the running of this Museum a no-profit association was set up on March 2006, after three years of a more direct management by the Municipality. The founding partners were the Municipality of Turin, the ANCR (National Resistance Film Archive), the ISTORETO (Institute for the History of Resistance and Contemporary Society), the Piedmont Region and the Province of Turin.

During its eight years of activity, the Museum has presented 40 temporary exhibitions, and has organized meetings, seminars, debates, presentations of editorial productions, film screenings, theatre performances. It has had over 166.000 visitors (up to April 2012); school groups are about 30% of the overall visits.


Guido Vaglio Laurin