Martina Faccio

Aspiring architect with a strong interest in the lighting world.Following artistic training, which increased my curiosity about the testing material, I approached the world of architecture as a field of application in which the person has a maximum capacity to deal with the physicality of the space components that surrounds it.

I strongly believe that the personal formation of each individual is influenced by the places that are experienced at different moments of one’s existence; in some way, they contribute to building a store of knowledge made up suggestions that can uniquely characterize each person. From all this, arises my desire to explore and experiment, through the interior design, elements whose shape changing spaces are designed in relation to personal needs that vary over time.

The recreational component of the physical construction and the desire to test directly the materials often lead me to realize elements I need, that are able to integrate the domestic scene. In most cases they are developed from unused objects or salvaged materials.

The interest in the lighting industry stems from a personal search path concerning applications of OLED technology, the starting point for a broader study of lighting systems. I am very attracted to the variations of perception that provides the light, the ability to alter, mask or uncover the items submitted to it. Aspects that I frequently took into consideration in these last months, as a result of some photographic techniques I carried out.

In my leisure time, I like to practice juggling, playing the trumpet, cycling while listening to music, spend entire evenings starting conversations that never really end.