Martin Andersen

Title: MSc. in Eng. Architectural Design

Being educated Master of Science in Engineering with specialization in Architectural Design at Aalborg University Denmark I now work as an architect at my recently started studio MADEbyMAAN.

My interest, profession, and still growing passion, is to “engineer architecture” – a matter of both form, function and structure.

To me that means a technical consciousness and knowledge within architecture that facilitates an integrated design process, providing the opportunity for creating tectonic design and for turning structural form into architectural form. The outcome is honesty in architecture.

Equally with the technical aspects, for me engineering architecture means to design social relevance in use and affection of the experiencing subject.

To achieve this I am interested in the detailing of architecture and concerned with a societal and architectural understanding of place and programme along with a narrative purpose, spatial qualities, the application of materials and how these are put together. Each of these approaches call for creativity and experience. The objective is sincerity in architecture.