Marinaretti / Venice WS report

Since the annexation of Venice to the Kingdom of Italy, the former convent space adjacent to major shipyards of the Arsenale housed the school for non – commissioned mechanical officers, managed by officers and staff of the Navy. Many teenagers from all over Italy attended the school, hosted in the former convent of Celestia and in the training ship “Scilla” anchored at Sant’Elena.The first German occupants in Venice, in the Autumn 1943, considered the ‘sailor’ students as soldiers because of their uniform, and decided to deport them as IMI (Italian Military Internees). But during the walk from the Arsenale to the station, many Venetians reacted, urging the boys to escape. Arrived at Holy Apostles Church, some indicated safety ‘Calli’ where to slip out of lane. At the Ponte delle Guglie, women in the market began to scream urging them to escape, many children ran to the Ghetto or along the foundation of Cannaregio, taking off their uniform and throwing it into the canal. Eleven entered an open gate and were saved, hidden by the inhabitants of the house.An unregistered number of children was finally deported by train from the Santa Lucia station. 

Provided material: ‘Marinaretti’ story

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