Isabel Lima

Isabel Lima is a Portuguese artist based in the UK since 2001.

In 2010 she graduated with First Class Honours on a BA (hons) Fine Art from Staffordshire University, and is currently finishing a Masters in Fine Art at Newcastle University.

Lima develops socially engaged works, which question the sense of belonging, identity, place and culture. Her own family history of displacement is the source of inspiration and research. In her practice Lima works collaboratively with other artists, film professionals, archeologists, historians, social groups and general members of the public. The outcomes of her projects usually take the form of film/video, performance, publication and/or installation.

In her current research, the artist is investigating the cross-cultural exchanges present within our multicultural society. The point of departure for this research is the displacement of people created by pivotal historical moments whereby different cultures have been forced to live together. Through the appropriation of historical material and the conception of new representations, this research aims to explore the legacies of these historical events within contemporary society.

Isabel has co-founded the World Domination Art Collective that organizes and curates public shows nationally and internationally. Active since 2008 several shows have taken place in different countries such as Germany, Portugal and UK.

In 2012 the artist was invited to be a member of the Visual Arts Focus Group, ArtWorks: “Developing Practice in Participatory Settings”, a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Special Initiative with support and funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Creativity Culture & Education (supported by Arts Council England) and the Cultural Leadership Programme.

This year, the artist’s work is also featured in a publication called Emergency INDEX, Performance Art Book, Ugly Duckling Presse, USA, launched in the spring in New York. The artist was also part of the group show ROOTS at Influx Contemporary Arts Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal.

In 2011 the artist was commissioned for ROOTS, an artist residency in Portugal. The artist was also commissioned to develop a proposal for a public art project by Newcastle council and Culture Lab: iLAB Museum and Northern Architecture; in 2010 was selected for the artist residency Home & Abroad by XEREM/Triangle Network, in Sintra, Portugal; and in 2008 was selected for Conjunction 08, the Stoke-on-Trent Biennial.