Harry’s bar

‘Harry’s bar’
Calle Vallaresso
(San Marco 1323)


Venice, a town filled with romance and mystic, a city with a dedicated and unique local “kitchen” influent by century’s commercial trade with the East. This local kitchen is also unfolded at Harry’s Bar – a high class restaurant and at the same time a really spectacularly bar. Through history Harry’s Bar has been a meeting place for big personalities; artists, models, royalties and other celebres. This sounds as an adventure. But everything has not always gone smoothly. Around WWII where fascism was in power, fatal rumors were spread about Harry’s and the owner Giuseppe Cipriani, i.e. that he was a guardian that shamelessly defied the Jewish segregation laws. When World War II broke out, Cipriani was obliged to put up a big sign that said: “Jews not wanted here”. In October ’43, the fascists installed a mess hall for their sailors at Harry’s Bar.

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Mads Harder Danielsen

Claudia Toscano

Toby Phips Lloyd