Hans Ramsgaard Møller

Title: BSc. in Ing. with specialization in architecture

The Dwelling is the focal point of my interest in building, and the gesticulation hereof, in detail, joints, and a potential poetic dimension. The quality of the spaces we inhabit determines our wellbeing as well as our health.

Through my studies I have worked with architecture as iconic institutions, master planning and finally and foremost; the dwelling. The approach lies in tectonics and poetics as well as a simultaneous concern for energy and climate; aspects directly connected to our wellbeing.

Through my current internship, at Staehr Architekten in Berlin, I hope to learn the craft of architecture and gain a deeper knowledge in my specific field of interest.

I wish to explore typologies, lifestyles, take a step back and give some simplicity to the sometimes complex technical solutions, in order to cope with the ongoing challenges of climate and energy.