Gaia Pigozzi

The argument of the thesis for my bachelor degree was the design of a fortified city from a urban point of view.I worked on the reorganization of the pedestrian and cycle-pedestrian to redevelop public open spaces. I like finding new solutions that improve the daily life. In my opinion, people give life to spaces, places and relationships.Since childhood I always liked to cut and paste, draw and color. I detach myself from reality and immersing myself in the world of colors and related thousands of combinations is the best way for me to relax.

In fact, I attended painting classes that have always given me great satisfaction.

I seem to be a pretty much sunny girl but at the same time I’m also a little bit shy and quiet with people with whom I don’t have much confidence. Afterwards,when I can be at ease, I become more sociable and expansive.

I really like to go out with friends but in the same time I like to isolate and just spend some time only for myself.

For many years I attended the scout group in my area: it was an experience that allowed me to learn how to relate with people and how to adapt to any type ofcircumstance. I becamea more flexible and practical girl.

I really like to play sports: I was a gymnast for several years at a competitive level and in my spare time I participate in outdoor activities maybe because I spent a lot of time indoors.

I prefer walking and bicycle trips because they give me a sense of peace and carefree because thanks to the feeling that I have with nature.