from other initiatives #003 Europe for citizens program 2007-2013

The aims of this Programme Guide is to assist all those interested in developing projects or receiving financial support under the “Europe for Citizens” Programme (2007-2013). It helps them understand both the objectives and the actions of the Programme and therefore the types of activities that can be supported.

It gives detailed information on what is needed to apply and what level of grant can be offered. It includes:
– a comprehensive set of information about funding opportunities under the “Europe for Citizens” Programme: essential conditions for an application for funding, explanation of the selection procedure and of general rules relevant to those applications for EU grants that are selected at the end of this procedure;
– in the interests of stability and predictability, a calendar for the submission and assessment of applications, which shall be valid for the entire duration of the Programme. This will facilitate more effective and longer-term planning for organisations interested in developing activities under this Programme;
– a detailed and stable definition of all requirements each type of project is supposed to match;
– a glossary of terms and definitions relevant to the “Europe for Citizens” Programme (see ANNEX I, p.53).

The applicability of this guide, however, is subject to fulfilment of the following conditions:
– adoption by the Commission of the annual work programme for the Europe for Citizens Programme, following its transmission to the Programme Committee;
– adoption by the European Parliament and Council of the funding required for the Europe for Citizens Programme in the framework of the annual budget of the European Union.

All forms and documents needed to apply for funding can be downloaded via the Internet addresses provided in the Chapter II.1 “Submission procedure” of this guide for ease of access for applicants (see p.14).

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