Esben Clausen Nørgaard

Title: BSc. in Ing. with specialization in architecture

My growing interest and passion is digital architecture, and how digital tools can facilitate the process and outcome of architectural projects. In my opinion the shapes don’t necessarily have to communicate “digital architecture”. I think that the possibility to create a smarter way of joining things like structure, energy or flow in one process has a lot more potential than only using the tools for form-finding.

When dealing with digital tools I see a lot of potential when working with parameters for material to optimize structure and shape. This creates a great aspect of working with new materials and investigating what the qualities and constraints may be.

Besides working with digital tools it is important for me to keep my eyes on creating beautiful architecture and buildings, made for people, and not only for sculptural reasons.

That is why I think it is really important to work with several media, and not only the computer. Scaled models and sketches are in my opinion important ways both of explaining and disseminate ideas and concepts. Ideas are conceived by the mind – the computer helps facilitate more complex ideas.

Currently I am an intern at MAST Studio in Copenhagen. Here, I am working a lot with these tools and have experienced exactly how the tools can be helpful in a project, and how studios in general can take advantage of the tools in order to create a better and more coherent process.