Elias Melvin Christiansen

Title: BSc. in Ing. with specialization in architecture

I am 23 years old and have been studying civil engineering with specialization in architecture at Aalborg University since 2008.

Ever since I was a child I have had an urge to optimize and redesign my surroundings. If it were moving around furniture, redecorating my room, building a tree house, a snow castle or just digging a hole, I have always tried to shape or arrange it in the most convenient and beautiful way. Therefore it seemed to me like the obvious choice to become an architect.

To me the most fascinating thing about architecture is the huge impact the room and the building has on humans. A building sets the initial impression and the room sets the mood of every occasion. Architecture is such a big field and we, as architects, have many opportunities and ways to influence the composition to achieve the exact expression and environment we want. But at the same time architecture is being unpredictable and almost impossible to understand.

Architecture, to me, is a way for me to express myself. A way for me to let my thoughts become reality, and let other people experience them. But at the same time, architecture is functional; architecture needs to be convenient and accessible or else it will never work.