Claudia Toscano

My name is Claudia. I’m an architecture student at Politecnico di Milano and I also work there as a technician in Laboratory Models and Prototypes. This is my twenty-eighth spring. Although I’ve always had the desire to move away, a visceral connection binds me to Italy. I live thinking that time is not what goes away, but what remains. Perhaps it is why I am totally absorbed by everything around me.This sensation comes to me early in the morning when I look out from my balcony: outside the relentless accumulation of supermegaveryluxury floors of the skyscrapers which are called “the city of fashion”, when I turn into my house I see the TV broadcast repeating images of thousands of buildings razed to the ground due to an earthquake… then I think that in this strange law of retaliation, we all have lost a bit and than I feel the urge to paint.Because painting is a little like: photography , writing, cooking, designing… when you understand the value of these things you can’t do anything less.I found out that I have a very high pain threshold, I have difficulty pronouncing the word “no”, when I feel embarrassed I say the exact opposite of what I think, pressing the icon “I like” is not enough to express my interest, but I need to express them in words. Because I really like people who smile with their eyes, the genuine charm of vintage Caffè Picchio in via Melzo, things that make you think, the desire to get back into the game, the mascara spent three times, the smell of coffee in the morning while listening to the song that will change my day, the magic that releases certain places, people with a story to tell, the sensation of being at home and accepting people, see what colors and sounds will disclose the new season.