The Next Monument

The Next Monument

Amsterdam, February 2014


Are monuments only records of recorded histories? How can they act as a prompts for on-going reflection? Could a traditional monument be the starting point for individual commemoration? Does a memorial have to be fashioned out of bronze or marble to make a significant impression on our psyche? [James Young]

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Beyond the monument
Gerhard Hofland gallery

In response to some of these questions, and in collaboration with the coordinators of the M4 gastatelier, Gennaro Postiglione/POLIMI will host an evening of discussion guided by specialists in the fields of archaeology, art, anthropology and history, from in and around Amsterdam at Gerhard Hofland gallery. During the talks, invited guests will be asked to present (up a max to 5 min) their responses to the concept of “The next Monument”, followed by feedback from the audience and further conversations.


The Jewish Resistance Monument revisited
11:00-15:00 / 18:00-21:00
Amstel 41 gallery

The discussion at Gerhard Hofland gallery acts as a precursor to the installation developed as a collective art work by Mikel van Gelderen, Marianne Theunissen, Gennaro Postiglione, Jeroen Werner and Jurjen Zeinstra (with the collaboration of the historian Loes Gompes and the Jewish Historical Museum) which will be on show at Amstel 41 gallery the 22nd, 23rd and the 25th of February (in occasion of the celebrations of the Jewish Resistance and of the February strike).

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Falstad-WS presentations 130629

The last day before leaving Flastad Center, the five REcall workshop teams have presented a summary of the work undergone during the week: all groups had interesting suggestions for their working sites and each of them also presented a good collection of documents and information collected during the stay in the center. This was due the incredible collaborative approach of Falstad staff.

Following you find the link  of each presentation:

AHA (site: The Camp area)
Members: Julia Hutzler (architect), Christine Guerard (artist), Thurid Andreßen (architect) Advisors: Dr. Eszter B. Gantner (historian)

Disfocused (site: The Falstad Forest)
Members: Ilaria Rondina (architect), Pau Garcia Sanchez (archaeologist), Federica Romoli (artist)

Teceel (site: The Commandant’s house)
Members: Elisabeth Eulitz (architect), Cecylia Skwirzynska (architect), Tobias Doll (archaeologist)

RRR (site: The Fjord)
Members: Fabrizio Bellomo (artist), Piergiorgio Italiano (interior designer), Birgitte M. Fjørtoft (archaeologist)

Chalk circle (site: The path from the Camp area to the forest)
Members: Micol Rispoli (architect), Lùa Coderch (artist), Giovanni Murro (archaeologist) Advisors: Daniela Iannella, Emanuela Murro


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