Competitions winners

Competition winners

REcall-project promoted a Competition for ideas on 10 sites belonging to 2 locations, 5 in the Falstad Center and 5 in Rome, to foresee which are the possibilities in this field. During REcall Final event in Berlin a jury decided and assigned four awards.

Here they are the winning entries:

Falstad competition
1st prize: Falstads tidevannspark
2nd prize: Shared roots

Rome competition
1st prize: Sister ACTualization
2nd prize: The 100 gram cycle

Here is the link to browse in the REcall book Beyond Memorialisation edited to collect all the work and the reflections developed along the project.

Moreover, is possible to check all ten proposals delivered (browse the entries here) and to look all documents edited and disseminated during the two years long project.

REcall final event

30 April 2014

30 April – 10 May 2014

Nordic Embassies-Felleshuset
Rauchstr. 1 – Berlin

During the international seminar there will be guest speakers and the opening of the Competition entries exhibition; we will also announce the competitions winner: two prizes for each location.

Free entry, but booking preferred: contact the Embassies

30 April 2014
Nordic Embassies-Felleshuset
h 15:00-19:00

Download: the Invitation, the Press Folder, the Introduction Panel, the Poster

Following you find the Seminar Agenda

Welcome (15:00 – 15:30)
Prof. Dr. Gennaro Postiglione
REcall coordinator-POLIMI-Department of Architecture and Urban Studies
Anne-Kirsti W. Karlsen
Minister Councellor and Head of Press, Information and Cultural Affairs-Norwegian Embassy
Prof. Dr. Nicolas Apostolopoulos
Freie Universität Berlin, Head of Center for Digital Systems

REcall presentation (15:30 – 16:00)
Places, people and stories: Workshop curators presentation
Dr. Anna Marie Fisker: Venice workshop
AAU-Food+Design-Department of Civil Engineering
Tone Jørstad: Falstad workshop
Director of The Falstad Memorial Center
Lecturer Viviana Gravano: Rome workshop
Academy of Fine Art Naples

Panel session 1 (16:00 – 16:40)
Chair: Prof. Dr. Marek Jasinski
NTNU-Institute of Historical Studies
Dr. Cord Pagenstecher
Freie Universität Berlin, Center for Digital Systems
Prof. Dr. Rob van der Laarse
UvA-Amsterdam School for Heritage and Memory Studies

Panel session 2 (17:00 – 17:40)
Chair: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weileder
UNEW-Fine Art School of Arts and Cultures
Prof. Renata Stih and Dr Frieder Schnock
Stih&Schnock Art Practice
Rainer E. Klemke
Kommunikationsberatung und Projektentwicklung
für Museen und Gedenkstätten

Seminar closing speech and discussion (17:40 – 18:00)
Prof. Dr. Marek Jasinski

Exhibition opening 18:00
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weileder
opening exhibition speech & announcement of REcall competition winners

Buffet & drinks


Competition results

During the recent consortium meeting celebrated in Newcastle, the different partners of the REcall project have selected the winning groups that will take part in the workshops to be celebrated in Falstad and Rome. The winners are:


FALSTAD WS (24th-30th June 2013)

See all material on the Falstad WS here!

Disfocused team (site: The Falstad Forest)
Members: Ilaria Rondina (architect), Pau Garcia Sanchez (archaeologist), Federica Romoli (artist)

RRR (site: The Fjord)
Members: Fabrizio Bellomo (artist), Piergiorgio Italiano (interior designer), Birgitte M. Fjørtoft (archaeologist)

Chalk circle (site: The path from the Camp area to the forest)
Members: Micol Rispoli (architect), Lùa Coderch (artist), Giovanni Murro (archaeologist)
Advisors: Daniela Iannella, Emanuela Murro
37_Chalk Circle

AHA (site: The Camp area)
Members: Julia Hutzler (architect), Christine Guerard (artist), Thurid Andreßen (architect)
Advisors: Dr. Eszter B. Gantner (historian)

Teceel (site: The Commandant’s house)
Members: Elisabeth Eulitz (architect), Cecylia Skwirzynska (architect), Tobias Doll (archaeologist)


ROME WS (8th-14th September 2013)

See all material on the Rome WS here!

Terrain Vague (site: The “Attacks” on the Ovens and the Women of Ponte dell’Industria)
Members: Julia Heslop (artist), Enrico Forestieri (architect), Sophie Anderton (archaeologist)
38_Terrain Vague

Blank (site: The Schoolboy Partisan: Ugo Forno)
Members: Isabel Lima (artist), Lily Garnett (archaeologist), Toby Lloyd (artist)

Pigeon the message (site: The Clandestine Front of the “Carabinieri”)
Members: Tim Wouters, Filip van Dingenen (artist), PereyraLautaro (architect)
30_the homing pigeon as a messenger copy

Diogenes (site: The silent resistance of priests and nuns)
Members: Arno Geesink (architect), Julia van der Krieke (archaeologist), Beata Labuhn (philosopher)

The Trojan horse (site: The Quadraro “Republic” and Operation Whale)
Members: Juan Carlos Mejía del Valle (Architect) Henar Riviere (Art Historian), Roberto Uribe Castro (Artist)
Advisors: Horacio González Cesteros (archaeologist), Iñigo Giner Miranda (composer and musician/performer)
05_the trojan horse

Closing event Spring 2014

Spring 2014 (dates to be specified)Intensive 3-days workshop (to be held during Spring 2014) with the participation of all participants, professors and tutors for project wrap-up, editing and elaboration of project deliverables for final evaluation.Submission

The submission for the second stage of the competition will include the following material:
– 4 rigid 5mm panels in A1 format (illustrating the proposal: tech drawings and visualizations with captions)
– A max 6 mins video (600 MB max) (Optional): Vimeo link
– A model of the proposal at a large scale (A1 size: the whole panel is to be used)
– Optional: a detailed model of part of the proposal (e.g.: an installation) on a A1 size board (the whole panel is to be used)
– a word file with title + 300 words synopsis + name of group participants
– Project Diary: a 64 pages booklet (the template will be delivered by organizers) illustrating the whole work process and the final proposal delivered including sketches, methodology, etc. (min 2000 words description in the whole booklet)

The jury for the second phase of the competition will be composed by the partners of the project and other invited professionals in the fields of architecture, archaeology and art to be confirmed.

On the basis of the presented materials, the Evaluation Committee will identify the first and second prize winners for each workshop. The Evaluation Committee will comprise one member from each partner institution and two invited keynote speakers.

At the end of the second phase the 10 teams will be presenting their proposals.
The jury will evaluate all 10 proposals and award the following prizes:
· Location Norway first prize: 3000€.
· Location Italy first prize: 3.000€.
· Location Norway second prize: 2.000€.
· Location Italy second prize: 2.000€.