Call description

Registration deadline: 28 Feb. 2013
Application deadline: 15 Mar. 2013

BREAKING NEWS (14.02.2013)

01. 01. Participating teams must be composed at least by 3 members, 2 of which must be a couple formed by 1 architect + 1 archaeologist either 1 architect + 1 artist either 1 archaeologist + 1 artist. The third member can be freely chosen among any other discipline.

02. All team members must hold a Bachelor degree title, that is no more than 7 years old, be a Master student or be in possession of a Master Degree title that is no more than 5 years old.

03. As for architects participating in the call, all specialisations will be accepted (architect, landscape architect, interior architect, etc.)

04. As well, we want to remind that the call has been opened as well to some countries that were not initially included in the list: FYROM, Montenegro and Serbia. Here is the full list: All participants must be citizens of any of the Member States of the European Union, EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) or countries which are candidates for accession to the European Union (Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, FYROM, Turkey).

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This call for tenders is part of the REcall project and aims at receiving enthusiastic and thorough proposal for Difficult Heritage – such as the ones coming from XX Century conflicts and wars – re-appropriation interventions. Selected entries will be granted access to one of the two design workshops which will take place in Norway and Italy in 2013. Proposals will be guided towards a successful end, in which those selected entries will compete for a final prize involving an economic contribution.


In brief
1. 10 group proposals will be selected, whose members (3 members per group) will be able to participate in one of the two workshops to be celebrated in 2013 (one in Norway and one in Italy), having all the costs covered by the organisation.
2. All selected groups will receive a contribution up to 1000€ for the production of material that is to be delivered in the second stage.
3. After the second stage, winning proposals will receive prizes of 3.000€ (two first prizes) and 2.000€ (two second prizes).
4. In the end, all three members of the 10 initially selected groups will participate, having all expenses covered, in the final event composed of exhibition and conference.
5. Looking for group members to team up with? Use our facebook group to find them!


REcall seeks to formulate a new role of the architectural environment based on invigorated research on the cultural landscapes of WWI and WWII, and to strengthen the attention on the management, documentation and fruition of such a heritage.The project regards heritage as a dynamic process, involving the declaration of our memory of past events and actions that have been refashioned for present day purposes such as identity, community, legalisation of power and authority. According to the project group, any cultural landscape or urbanscape is characterised by its dynamism, temporality and changing priorities in social perception.We stress that the research we develop will generate the values to be protected tomorrow. On the strength of this account, our project proposes the development of sustainable and innovative architectural practices for reuse, valorisation and communication of the XXth Century European Conflict Heritage.


Participating institutions
Politecnico di Milano (coordinator)
Aalborg Universitet
Newcastle University
NTNU Trondheim
Falstad center
Museo diffuso della resistenzaIn collaboration with:
Ergan Foundation, MACBA, Romsdal Museet, Routes Agency, Snark.


The Prizes
REcall foresees the selection of 10 winning proposals from interdisciplinary teams (more info provided in the ‘Call for applications’ document), inviting their members to participate in one of the two workshops to take place during 2013 in Norway and Italy.All selected groups will participate in a final submission and the best proposals will receive:
– Workshop Norway (first prize): 3,000€
– Workshop Italy (first prize): 3,000€
– Workshop Norway (second prize): 2,000€
– Workshop Italy (second prize): 2,000€


Relevant dates
Call announcement: December 4, 2012
Registration deadline: January 30, 2013 Extended to 28 February 2013
Application deadline: February 15, 2013 Extended to 15 March 2013


The submission for the second stage of the competition will include the following material:
– 4 rigid 5mm panels in A1 format (illustrating the proposal: tech drawings and visualizations with captions)
– A max 6 mins video (600 MB max) (Optional): Vimeo link
– A model of the proposal at a large scale (A1 size: the whole panel is to be used)
– Optional: a detailed model of part of the proposal (e.g.: an installation) on a A1 size board (the whole panel is to be used)
– a word file with title + 300 words synopsis + name of group participants
– Project Diary: a 64 pages booklet (the template will be delivered by organizers) illustrating the whole work process and the final proposal delivered including sketches, methodology, etc. (min 2000 words description in the whole booklet)


– Workshop in Norway 24-30 JUN 2013.
– Workshop in Italy 8-14 SEP 2013.
– Deadline for the on-line submission* of projects based in Norway 30 OCT 2013 (h: 24:00 Italian time).
– Deadline for the on-line submission* of projects based in Italy 15 JAN 2014 (h: 24:00 Italian time).
– For the physical delivery of all required materials: all required materials should also be sent, with exclusion of the video, in analogical form according to the format requested to the Closing Event venue (see 7_competition entries).
– Final workshop: place and dates will be announced at a later stage.

* For the on-line submission, photos of the model/s should be included in the form of PDF file in A4 size with a sequence of 10 pics.


All participants must be citizens of any of the Member States of the European Union, EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) or countries which are candidates for accession to the European Union (Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, FYROM, Turkey).[issuu width=606 height=377 embedBackground=%23000000 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=130216111616-c79dfffd6ce1437ab8d17223920da6cb name=call_v9.0_fr username=recall-project tag=call unit=px v=2]