Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous

Goethe Institut works list

Iron Curtain Stories

Fathomizing memory

Memoria dei deportati e internati siciliani nei campi nazisti

Memoria dei deportati e internati abruzzesi molisani ecc. nei campi nazisti

Memory loops

Mnemosyne – Theatre of Memories

Pictures of WWII blended in with today’s pictures of the same location


Re-enactment in Amsterdam

Stih & Schnock/work on memory

Strade della memoria

The Vienna Project

The memory of the future

Tweede Wereldoorlog/exhibition





Création d’un e-Book passeur de mémoire

Developing education at memorial sites

Denkmal konzept/Goethe Institut

Development of an Interactive Map of Stalinist Deportations

European Cosmopolitanism and Sites of Memory through Generations

European dimensions of forced Labour under National Socialism

Keep alive the past Memory for the future

La persecuzione dei Rom e dei Sinti nel periodo fascista


Michael Shanks

Paths of Memory

Painful Heritage


Schiavi di Hitler

Sharing and Learning Remembrance – European memory culture(s) in the 21st century

Silenced Voices of the Third Reich

Sites of Conscience

Stories of the 20th Century

Stroom Den Haag/no monument

The Memory of Nations

The forgotten among the forgotten

The Long Shadow of Sobibor

The Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History

Totally Lost Project

Tweede Wereldoorlog

20 years after … communist legacy…



Meeting years later. Those who survived Sobibor

Museo audiovisivo della deportazione di Prato

The Dutch Sobibor Foundation