Arve Eiken Nytun

My name is Arve Eiken Nytun, and I’m just about to turn 28. I come from Hareid, which is a small place on the west coast of Norway, about halfway between Bergen and Trondheim. I currently live in Trondheim with my girlfriend Maren, and our son Haakon, who is almost 15 months old. I have lived in Trondheim since 2005, and studied history and archaeology. At the moment I’m working on completing my master’s thesis in archaeology, where I write a critical analysis about the pre Reformation warning beacon system in Scandinavia. I also work at the Møre and Romsdal County Conservator, as a field supervisor archaeologist in the summer season. My professional interests include historical archaeology, landscape archaeology and exploring theoretical approaches. I am also interested in dissemination, and I have worked for the dissemination section at NTNU Science Museum as a visiting student for 2 months in 2011. For me dissemination is a essential part, not only of archaeology, but other social sciences disciplines as well.

I have add that archaeology is not only my professional interest, but an important hobby and part of my life.

I love to spend time with my son and family. That is my main priority in life. My hobbies are music, outdoor activities like surfing and hiking in the mountains. I also enjoy traveling, but the past years I haven`t had much time for that kind of excursions. Anyway, I hope to get the opportunity to travel a lot around the world in the following years. There are to many interesting people and places in this world, to sit on our back doing our everyday things.

I look forward to step into the REcall project. From what I have read and been told by Marek Jasinski, this is going to be a very interesting experience.