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   REcall final event, Berlin 30 April 2014


Are commemorative forms only records of recorded histories? How can they act as a prompts for on-going reflection? Could a traditional solution be the starting point for individual commemoration? Does a memorial have to be fashioned out of bronze or marble to make a significant impression on our psyche? [James Young]

REcall-project promoted a Competition for ideas on 10 sites belonging to 2 locations, 5 in the Falstad Center and 5 in Rome, to foresee which are the possibilities in this field.

By the 15 of january 2014, all ten proposals were delivered (browse the entries here) and we have planned a closing meeting in Berlin on the 30th of April, just before celebrations of WWII start all over Europe.
During the international seminar there will be guest speakers and the opening of the Competition entries exhibition; we will also announce the competitions winner: two prizes for each location.

Free entry, but booking preferred: contact the Embassies

Here is the Seminar Agenda draft #3 [140415]

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